The Sentinel Download Manager is a complement to the Copernicus Sentinel App. It enables downloading different Sentinel products, selected via the App, directly on your computers (Windows or Mac).
The products will be downloaded by the Manager directly from the Copernicus Sentinel Access Hub.


The Sentinel Download Manager requires:
  • The Copernicus Sentinel App installed on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available both for Android and iOS devices.
  • An account for the Copernicus Sentinel Access Hub. Anyone can register online via self-registration


The Sentinel Download Manager works on:
  • Windows 7 and later versions of Windows
  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later versions of macOS

Get Started

Install the Sentinel Download Manager

Installation files are available for both Windows and macOS

On Windows just launch the .exe file to start the installation process

For macOS devices, before installing it make sure that a previous version of the Download Manager is not already present. In case just delete the application (usually this will be in the Applications folder). After that, just launch the .dmg file to proceed with the installation.

Setting the Sentinel Download Manager

The first time you use the Download Manager it will be necessary to configure it. This is done in the specific Settings page (see screenshot) The different fields have to be completed as it follows:
  1. Enter your Copernicus Open Access Hub username.
  2. Enter your Copernicus Open Access Hub password.
  3. Enter your Copernicus Sentinel App token. The token can be found in the Settings page of the App.
  4. [Optional] Adjust the polling interval - the frequency in which the Sentinel Download Manager checks for new data.
  5. [Optional] Decide where downloaded files will be placed.
  6. [Optional] Set the flag to start new downloads automatically.
  7. [Optional] Enter a command to be run after a download is completed. For instance in macOS, you can directly unzip the downloaded file with 'tar -xf'.
Once completed, save the Settings and leave the Settings page.
Settings page

Select the product using the App

The Copernicus Sentinel App gives the possibility of searching and visualizing the different Copernicus products available via Copernicus Sentinel Access Hub.

This possible by going to the Acquisition section of the App using the main menu. Here one of the Sentinel satellites can be chosen using the top menu. Next step requires to select a point of interest on the globe and to choose one of the available product types for the specified satellite.

When a product is available, this will be displayed on the globe after loading. A menu also appears showing information about the active search and offers multiple options. One of them allows triggerring the download of the currenly displayed product to your connected Sentinel Download Manager.

Copernicus Sentinel App

How to use the Sentinel Download Manager

Launch the Download Manager: you will see a list of downloads triggered from the App. If, in the settings, you have enabled the automatic download of products, the download will start automatically. Otherwise, click the blue download button to start downloading a file. When the list of downloads is empty or incomplete, you can either wait for the next refresh of click on the 'Check for downloads' button at the bottom of the screen to get an up-to-date list of available downloads.

During a download, you can pause or abort the download process with the corresponsing buttons.

After the file is downloaded, you can click on the blue paper icon next to the downloaded item to open the file. The red bin icon will remove the download request permanently, but not the downloaded files.

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