Copernicus Sentinel App - Privacy Notice

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an intergovernmental organisation established by its Convention opened for signature in Paris on 30 May 1975 having its headquarters located at 24 rue du Général Bertrand, CS 30798, 75345 Paris Cedex 07, France. Protection of Personal Data is of great importance for ESA. ESA implements appropriate measures to preserve the rights of data subjects, to ensure the processing of personal data for specified and legitimate purposes, in a not excessive manner, as necessary for the purposes for which the personal data were collected or for which they are further processed, in conditions protecting confidentiality, integrity and safety of personal data and generally to implement the principles set forth in the ESA Protection of Personal Data Framework, available at:

This privacy notice informs you about the processing of personal data and your rights, as well as enabling ESA to obtain your consent relating to the collection and/or potential further processing of your personal data, under ESA PDP Framework and applies to users of the Copernicus Sentinel mobile application (App).

The Data Controller and the purposes of processing

The European Space Agency (ESA) Copernicus Sentinel mobile application is a gateway to knowing the Copernicus Sentinel satellites. It lets users track the satellites in real-time, discover their key elements, read the latest news and learn more about their products. The aim of the data provided is to support the performance of an activity carried out by ESA within its purpose and this includes processing necessary for a purpose covered by the consent of the data subject.

Your personal data are collected and may be further processed by ESA in order to enable you to use the Copernicus Sentinel App and the activities necessary in relation to its use. For these purposes only as well as for the purposes mentioned in Article 5 of ESA Policy on Personal Data Protection[1], ESA is Data Controller. ESA does not instruct any third party – including Apple Inc. and Google LLC to conduct any web analytics, profiling or any other processing on ESA’s behalf, other than the purposes mentioned above. ESA does not consider your personal data as an asset for sale or for commercial exploitation on behalf of ESA.

Your personal data may also be collected and processed upon an independent decision by Apple Inc. (A) and Google LLC (B) and any of their corporate affiliates/sub-contractors, which technically support the Copernicus Sentinel App. For these cases, the privacy notices of these processors’ platform will apply and ESA will have no liability whatsoever in connection with collection and processing of your personal data by Apple Inc. and Google LLC acting as separate Data Controllers.

-        Apple Inc. (A) and any of its corporate affiliates, namely: Apple Distribution International Limited, located at Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland

-        Google LLC (B) and any of its corporate affiliates, namely: Google Ireland Limited, incorporated and operating under the laws of Ireland (Registered Number 368047), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dubline 4, Ireland.


(1)    How to contact us

Concerning the collection or processing of your Personal Data on ESA’s behalf: according to ESA Protection of Personal Data Framework, your first point of contact is the ESA Data Protection Officer (DPO). You may contact the DPO at:

Concerning the collection or processing of your Personal Data on behalf of Apple Inc. and Google LLC: please refer to the separate privacy notices released by the company.

(2)    Personal Data Processing

The personal data that you provide in relation to your use of Copernicus Sentinel App, when you use the App, such as your device location and information for notifications about EO products and satellite passes is processed by ESA.

The following information may be collected automatically by third party processors, namely Apple Inc. and Google LLC, using automated means when the Copernicus Sentinel App is downloaded, for example, the date and time of download, the mobile carrier, mobile internet browser, the IP address, the operating system of your device, and other information described in the Privacy Notices of Apple Inc. and Google LLC, who are the Data Controllers of the automatic processing depending on whether you access the Copernicus Sentinel App on Apple Inc.’s App Store or Google LLC’s Google Play Store.

The App contains features that collect information about your location and that send customised push notifications.

(3)    How the personal data we collect about you is processed

ESA may use the personal data received about you, with the Copernicus Sentinel App to:

-        Provide you with push notifications about satellite passes;

-        Provide you with push notifications about new EO products for a set of search criteria;

-        Allow you to send EO products to a remote computer (Download Manager).

Push notifications: where you consent, we may send push notifications or alerts to your mobile device. You can manage the push notification preferences or deactivate these notifications at any time by turning off the notifications or deleting the alert subscriptions from the Settings section of the App.

Location Information: during your use of the App and if you have consented, ESA may process your location information drawn from the App to provide you with notifications about satellite passes over your location and to enhance various maps within the App.

(4)    Data recipients

ESA may disclose your personal data as shown in this Privacy Notice and stated in the General Terms and Conditions of the Copernicus Sentinel App in particular to: service providers commissioned to perform services on behalf of ESA, such as firms that develop and support the operation of the App. The service providers may collect information directly from you on behalf of ESA. ESA instructs the service providers to process personal data only as necessary to perform the service and to comply with legislation. Contracts with service providers ensure the appropriate security of personal data. Your data may be disclosed if required for legal reasons to the relevant authorities in connection with an investigation.

Recipient acting as Data Processor

Servers of the recipient are located in:

Solenix Deutschland GmbH

France and Germany


(5)    Retention period for personal data

Personal Data processed by ESA

Retention period

Device location

Not stored

Push notification token including the product search information to which it is linked

Until the token expires, or the user removes the notification

Download manager token

6 months after the last download

Product download request linked to a download manager token

Until the user deletes the download request, but no longer than 1 month


(6)    Data subject rights

You have the right to be informed in a transparent manner about processing of your personal data, the identity of the Data Controller and the contact details of the Data Protection Officer. You may request the erasure, rectification, completion or amendment of your personal data if, and to the extent that it is inaccurate or incomplete, having regard to the purposes for which they are collected and processed, or if they are processed in violation with the principles referred in ESA PDP Framework. If you choose to make a request for the erasure of personal data, you understand and agree that the above-mentioned request should be submitted to the ESA DPO, as first point of contact, by sending an email to:, copy to:

You can unsubscribe from push notifications by selecting the appropriate options in the Settings section of the App. You can uninstall the Copernicus Sentinel App by following the process specific to your operating system. The settings on your phone may impact your privacy when using the App, please check the permission settings on your device.

The Copernicus Sentinel App has features that enable links to other websites or applications run by other entities separate to ESA. Please study the privacy notices of these entities. ESA is not responsible where features or links to websites you visit are not operated by ESA.

(7)    How to proceed in case of Incidents

In case of a data protection incident, inform the ESA DPO by sending an email to:

In case you wish to submit a complaint, you are required to comply with the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Authority set forth by ESA PDP Framework. You will be required to demonstrate that a data protection incident occurred in relation to your personal data, following a decision of ESA or at least to justify serious reasons to believe that such incident occurred.

[1] ESA Framework on Personal Data Protection: